Girls staring at your pimples?

Girls staring at your pimples?

Dude! Don’t let that big red pimple dominate your face. This aint 1995 anymore. ┬áThere are all new solutions out their for zits. Some of the best acne products have only recently hit the market. We all know about popping pimples and smearing them with acne medications, but as any guy knows it doesnt eliminate the problem. You still catch girls staring at your pimple and you still feel like a horse’s ass.

So do something about it. Man up and camouflage that zit with the first concealer built for men, by men. They Hate Pimples is a Zit Camouflage for guys that uses tea tree oil, which is an ingredient known to fight pimples.

Hide it while it heals.

Best acne product. Get rid of pimples fast with zit camouflage.

Best acne product. Get rid of pimples fast with zit camouflage.

We know, you guys are hesitant to try a new product. Your worst fears is that someone thinks its a girls product, but that isnt the case. Guys all share the same feeling. We all aspire to just be our normal selves. Covering up a zit is done with the sole purpose of feeling normal again.

The shame and ridicule you feel when a pimple dominates your face is worse then a kick to the nuts. At least the pain of a nut-kick goes away after 15 minutes. The pain of being a zithead lasts for a week and sometimes longer.

The pimple subsides after 5 days, but the red mark stays on your face for weeks upon weeks, making sure all passerbys know that it was there and who the boss of your face is. Lets be honest, peoples PWN us every chance they get. They are smaller than the size of a penny but can bring the biggest dude down to his knees in embarrassment.

Nut up and buy a zit camo. You’ll never regret it.


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