Acne Sucks Donkey Balls

Acne sucks donkey balls.

I am not even sure any other way to put it. You take the most awkward and pressure-filled time of a persons life (high school) and then you layer on the fact that your face looks like a 3 day old pepperoni pizza. Its a horrific and evil mixture of all the most awkward things that can happen fused into one 4 year gauntlet.

Not to mention that your hormones make you want to hump every hot girl in school, yet all these girls see is pimples all over your face. Whiteheads, blackheads, purpleheads… all leading to no head for us guys. The. Worst.

This is why we are all so desperate for solutions. I used to try any acne product I saw. Hell, I’d wait up till 2am hoping an infomercial would bring a new product to market, unfortunately all those products focused on making my toilet bowl water blue or helped me cut onion quicker. None of the miracle products helped me get rid of pimples fast.

So these painful memories lead the crew at They Hate Pimples to today. We are no longer boys with acne. We are grown men with confidence and are comfortable in our own skin… an we still get the occasionally pimple. As if it were a gentle reminder that we need to remember those humble younger versions of ourselves with pimples and zits on our faces.

The good thing is that we now see a light at the end of the tunnel. No longer dark helpless days of zits on our face. We have zit concealer for guys. A quick fix pimple solution that saves us from shame and ridicule. Its no longer the shame you get when you were in high school, but it still stings even from your adult friends or coworkers.

We found a solution, and we are sharing it with all of you.

Get rid of pimples fast with They Hate Pimples – Zit Camouflage for guys.

Best Acne Products or Best Product for PImples is a Zit Camouflage from They Hate Pimples

Best Acne Products or Best Product for PImples is a Zit Camouflage from They Hate Pimples


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